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Daikin Air to air heat pumps are a fantastic way to provide ultra-efficient heating of an individual room, an entire home, commercial property... the choice is unlimited.

Simply, Daikin air to air heat pumps make heating extremely affordable. No other heating technology can provide cost effective and controllable heating. 

No need to remove your existing heating.... supplement your existing heating with Daikin air to air. Use it in one room, all rooms, background heating. The choices are endless and with seasonal efficiencies >500% heating no longer becomes a nightmare.

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                                          Daikin emura heat pump unit. Click here.       Emura air to air


         Daikin nexura heat pump unit. Click hereNexura air to air heat pump

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Air to air technology provides all home owners with the opportunity to install affordable heating solutions that are ultra-efficient, low carbon and provide wonderful thermal comfort where and when you want it.

  • no mess low installation cost compared to other renewable technologies
  • fantastic efficiency- SCOP >500%
  • precise heating
  • fantastic control
  • extremely quiet indoor and outdoor units
  • rapid heating- turn it on and off when you want and feel rapid heating results.
  • modular- create a system to suit you
  • supplement your existing heating system- save money
  • metered installations to ensure you always stay in control of your heating costs
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The single significant advantage that air to air technology has over air to water or indeed conventional boiler systems is the requirement of only two heat exchanges; outside air into the refrigerant and then the refrigerant into the internal house air. No other heating system can match the efficiency of Daikin air to air heat pump systems

The efficient heat transfer of air to air technology coupled with the Daikin inverter compressor coupled with the environmentatly friendly R410a refrigerant allows seasonal coefficients of performance of 500-600% within heating only situations.

The system can be designed to provide rapid heating to allow you to heat a space very quickly.

Air to air provides the complete modular low capital cost solution to providing thermal comfort to any space that you may desire to heat. With hundreds of design configurations, Daikin air to air systems have a solution that is suitable for any application.

Please note that Planning Permission may be required.

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