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The Natural Energy Company is committed to providing excellent heat pump solutions for both domestic and commercial applications.

Daikin as a world leading manufacturer of heat pumps has a vast range of models available which are not readily available in the UK.
The Daikin Combined heat pump system is brought into the UK where we modify the internal tank to meet UK regulations and can thus offer this model to you. 

This model is a brilliant concept which is able to use the industry leading +500% ERLQ 4kW heat pump. 

With an excellent price tag, the Daikin Combined can provide hot water for both space heating and sanitary purposes.

We install these units with air to air  heat pumps to create a total hot water and and space heating solution. These solutions develop fantastic efficiencies with very low running costs.

  • The Daikin combined air to hot water (60 Degrees C) heat pump is a fantastic ultra compact solution
  • Ranging from 4kW up to 16 kW and with integrated hot water cylinders of 180 and 260 litres.
  • Fast hot water tank recharge rates to provide excellent hot water.
  • Extremely efficient
  • The units can be installed as modules to build up the  hot water capacity to suit your needs.
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