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Our aim is to encourage consumers to consider the environment where possible. To support this and to compliment our renewable energy service, we have a small range of environmentally friendly products for sale from our office in Newport on Tay.

We have chosen brands which we believe to have high ethical credentials.

Method Hand Soap 354ml - £3.50
A beautifully scented handsoap - 'waterfall' available.
Eco credentials: No animal testing, Ecofriendly, Vegan, No parabens.

Ecoleaf Multi Surface Cleaner 500ml - £2.30
Ecoleaf Toilet Cleaner 750ml - £2.00
Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid 1.5L - £5.70
The Ecoleaf range of cleaning products are derived from plant extracts based on biodegradable ingredients. All products bear the Vegan logo and are animal cruelty free.

Ecozone Dishwasher Tablets - £3.99
Ecozone Washing up liquid - £2.20
Plant derived ingredients to cut through grease and dirt fast, for squeaky clean dishes.

Recycled Kitchen Roll  2 pack - £1.65
Fully recycled paper.

Swing Bin Liners x 15 (23 x 30") - £1.65
100% Degradable.

Ecover Antibacterial cleaning wipes - £2.60
Powerful, natural, antibacterial multi-surface cleaning wipes. Derived from plan materials.

EcoForce recycled scourer pads 3 pack - £1.25
3 Non-scratch pads, easy grip, 100% recycled fibre

EcoForce recycled washing up brush - £1.99
100% recycled.

Organic cotton wool pads and organic cotton wool buds - £2.30 per pack


Wenko Radiator Brush - £6.00
Robust, flexible cleaning brush which enables cleaning of the hard to reach places between radiator spaces.  Improves the performance of your radiators by removing dirt and dust to allow the thermal heat to radiate.

Chimney Balloon (large 36 x 15") - £24.99
Inflatable chimney balloon. Prevent unwanted cold draughts entering your home. Deflate in summer or when fire is in use.

If you have any suggestions for products you would like us to sell, please let us know. We will be happy to consider stocking them.