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                     Heat gain infra red image heat loss infra red image

Energy conservation represents one of the most cost effective approaches to reducing energy bills and providing improved thermal comfort. Surveying using infrared cameras helps to reduce wasted time, disputes and money for building related problems or defects.

Air infiltration
The example infrared picture opposite illustrates a new build property problem with unwanted air infiltration. The use of the infrared camera provides a quick stress free resolution to many building problems.

What can the infrared camera find:

  • Water problems with underfloor heating
  • Masonry problems
  • Draughts or unwanted air infiltration issues
  • Cable locations
  • Plumbing pipe work
  • Plumbing pipe work wasted heat
  • Poor insulation
  • Flat roof insulation issues
  • Flat roof water leak issues
  • Boiler wasted heat issues
  • etc etc etc

If you are uncertain about how to achieve energy conservation improvements, why not visit our office and discuss your property over a coffee or cup of tea. Initial consultation is FREE.
If you wish us to visit your property, we can provide a 2 hour personal consultation including infrared thermography which will highlight where your home is losing heat and how efficient your current heating system is. We can also extend our survey to include a full heat loss of your property if you are considering a heat pump installation.

We are confident that it will represent the best investment you will make to enable you to make an informed decision.

Using infra red thermography and data loggers we can determine very effectively issues and matters that allow you to take control of the energy costs of your property.

With a basic survey starting at £99 plus VAT (subject to a distance surcharge if over 30 miles travel) please contact us for more information on how we can help you to save energy in your home.

Commercial consultations are available. Please contact us for our commercial rates.
Subject to a distance surcharge if over 30 miles travel.