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Daikin Geothermal by Natural Energy           Bore hole drilling ground source heat pumpHigh temperature heat pump

Geothermal or ground source heat pumps are excellent heat pump systems that can benefit from both commercial and the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive schemes.

Scottish winters are very unpredictable- mild cold and wet or very cold or a mixture of all seasons. To ensure that your investment in a ground source heat pump works efficiently and delivers low energy bills we need to ensure that the energy supply to the heat pump is consistent.
Our experience and knowledge tells us that drilling a bore hole for collecting energy for the heat pump is the best ground source solution for the Scottish climate to give consistent brine/glycol temperatures to ensure the lowest possible energy consumption and energy bills. 

For your ground source system, we will provide the complete service from design using either IDM or Daikin heat pump equipment, bore hole design and borehole driller (BorrTeknik AB) with the ability to deliver up to 200 metre bore depths from a compact mobile drilling rig, through to commission, maintenance and after sales service support. 

If you have good quality land and your geographic location experiences low ambient temperatures, water source or borehole heat pump systems may be an energy efficient heating solution for your property.

Please contact us for more detailed discussions so we can better determine which system is best suited to your heating needs.

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