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Nexura radiator

Daikin Nexura is a revolutionary change to the way we can think about heating.
Using the hyper efficiency of Daikin air to air with the familiar comfort of a radiator - a revolutionary and affordable heating solution is now available.

Heat one room or heat up to 9 rooms from one Daikin heat pump outdoor unit.

Using renewable energy from the air, Nexura allows you to use heating energy to better suit your home or property needs.

Rather than turning on a large dirty fossil fuel boiler, Nexura allows you to select the areas you wish to heat. 
Rather than throw away a perfectly good boiler, use the Daikin Nexura to provide the majority or all your heating needs to supplement or replace your boiler. Use your boiler only when you really need to - for example, only on the coldest winter days.

This approach to heating is affordable and results in fantastic heating efficiency which helps to lower heating bills without compromising thermal comfort. 

Nexura can provide you with wonderful thermal comfort, whilst being able to achieve seasonal efficiencies >550%.

Quiet (only19dB in heating) and affordable, Nexura is a serious heating and cooling solution which will help you to reduce property energy costs without compromising warmth.

The Nexura is suitable for the smallest to the largest home, offices, schools, public buildings..... in fact, any where where you need heating or cooling (eg office environment due to computers etc)

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