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Photovoltaics (PV)

All PV installations enjoy the manufacturers' Warranty assurance specific to the PV panels or roof mounting systems. Details of these are provided with system design specifications.

All PV roof mounted systems are provided with a 2 year Workmanship Warranty and standard 12 month parts warranty. This is additional to the manufacturer's warranty for panels and inverters.

All PV roof inset systems are provided with a standard 20 year warranty on the roof inset from leaking. The 'no-leak' warranty for the roof insets are specific to the roof insets manufactured by The Natural Energy Company. The 'no-leak' warranty is specific to the inset membrane failure. Any roof detailing work incidental to the inset (eg slates or tiles etc) are covered by a 12 month labour and parts warranty. No other manufacturers roof insets receive this warranty cover. 


Heat Pumps

All Daikin equipment enjoys a 3 year Warranty for parts. The Natural Energy Company supports this Warranty with a 2 year Labour Warranty. All MCS contracts have a standard 2 year Workmanship Warranty.

Can your installation company provide you with a real warranty? The Natural Energy Company can.

The Natural Energy Company have refrigeration engineers that are trained and experienced to provide a complete mainternance, and repair service to all levels of competency. This is extremley important with regards to after sales support and validity of Daikin equipment Warranties.

The Natural Energy Company is a KEY installer and Service Partner of Daikin UK, the only Daikin distributor based in the UK.

Our Warranty service is supported by a technical support from Daikin UK engineers. Access to this service is provided to you after installation of the Daikin equipment and initiation of a service contract.


General Warranty terms.

Please refer to our full Company Terms and Conditions to understand the scope of the Warranty terms detailed below.

Altherma Warranty or Daikin split air conditioning warranty are conditional upon a maintenance agreement for the first 3 years from the date of system installation. The Altherma Care maintenance service is performed by authorised and trained engineers. Typically, this service is provided by The Natural Energy Company engineers, however, we can organise local plumbers/electricans subject to authorised training by either The Natural Energy Company or Daikin UK.

Non Daikin equipment or accessories enjoy a parts Warranty of 12 months.

Daikin heat pump boilers should have a service life expectancy of at least 10 years. Many Daikin systems have been in useful service for over 20 years.

While we take every effort to source the most reliable technology available, we are dealing with mechanical parts, and these sometimes, but thankfully very rarely, break down. We recognise that this is a fact of life but believe that a prompt response supported by a comprehensive guarantee, together with our strong relationships with Daikin UK, will minimise any potential inconvenience. 

All installation work undertaken will be guaranteed by The Natural Energy Company for a minimum of  2 years.  We issue a comprehensive warranty, which details the basis of the Warranty for your installation. This serves to give you peace of mind and confidence in both our products and service.


How long will my products last?

All the products that we sell have been chosen as a result of rigorous testing. Combined with our strong supplier relationships we offer the full manufacturer's warranties. Warranty periods vary for each product, but we also assess the projected life expectancy. In many cases this is as much as 15 - 20 years, 

A long life expectancy will make your decision more cost effective over time.