Heat pump running costs metered 2007-2013

The Natural Energy Company has been installing heat pumps for nearly 10 years. To date we have 100's of systems installed varying from 2kW up to 45kW.

Our installations have all been metered since 2006 and we now have over 7 years of data records. The following data is based upon metered data of the Altherma Low Temperature (LT) heat pump using Class II metering. The data helps to illustrate the importance of good design so that heat pumps deliver low energy costs.

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There are key points of interest within the data;

  1. Our systems are design to perform to deliver low energy costs. All the systems installed have delivered good energy savings compared to the fossil fuel alternative available to the property owner.
  2. The Altherma LT systems that are designed and restricted to operate no higher than 40 degrees C produce very impressive low annual operating costs.
  3. The Daikin simulation software tends to produce higher predicted energy consumption than the actual energy consumption data. The actual data includes hot water preparation whilst the simulation does not.
  4. Our systems are designed to allow the home owner to have larger volumes of hot water. This is a very important part of a low operating cost heat pump system.
  5. The MCS standard MIS 3005 is a fundamental part of good heat pump design. Our designs will meet or exceed this standard to ensure that low energy costs are delivered.

The data provided to you in this document is commercially sensitive and thus the graphical representation of the data may lead you to ask more questions. We have a large number of customers who are happy to act as references to help you make the right heating decision for your property- domestic or commercial. Please feel free to contact us and you are free to visit our office for more detailed discussions.

Please contact us on 01382 54375 or email  info@thenaturalenergycompany.co.uk

Heat pump running costs metered 2007-2013

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