Daikin Air to Air Heat Pumps

Daikin Air to Air heat pump technology is a fantastic way to provide ultra-efficient heating of a space - whether it be an individual room, entire house, commercial property, studio, garage ... the choice is endless.

Quite simply, no other technology can provide space heating so effectively and efficiently.

No interference with your existing heating system ..... supplement your existing heating with Daikin air to air.  Use it in one room, all rooms, background heating... The choices are endless, and with seasonal efficiencies >600%, heating is affordable and effective.

Choose from floor mounted or wall mounted indoor units to suit your property and your style.

 Enjoy wonderful thermal comfort where and when you want it!

  • quick and low interruption installation.
  • fantastic efficiency - SCOP >600%
  • precise heating
  • fantastic control
  • extremely quiet indoor and outdoor units
  • rapid heating - easy to turn on and off when you wish
  • timer control
  • modular - create a system to suit you and your expenditure
  • supplement your existing heating system, saving energy and £££s
  • metered installations to ensure you are always in control of your heating costs.


Here comes the technical jargon...

The single most significant advantage that air to air technology has over air to water, or indeed any conventional boiler system, is the requirement of only two heat exchanges - outside air into the refrigerant and the refrigerant into the internal house air. No other heating system can match the efficiency of Daikin air to air heat pumps.

The efficient heat transfer of air to air technology coupled with the Daikin inverter compressor coupled with the superior environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, allows seasonal coefficients of performance of 500-600% within heating only situations.