The Natural Energy Company is more than a renewable installation company.

Like so many others, we care passionately about the environment and our effect on it. We endeavour to consider the environment in all that we do.

We stock a large range of Eco Cleaning products which are plant based, made in the UK, not tested on animals and hold the Vegan accreditation.

From laundry to washing up, we can offer a chemical free cleaning product for all your everyday household needs.

The range we offer includes Ecoleaf, Ecozone, Bio D and several others.

We also stock recycled washing up gloves, pegs, cotton product bags and a range of feminine products such as cotton pads & cotton buds.

Please contact us for a list of products & prices.


Choose Planet NOT Plastic

We are very excited to be able to offer a refill solution for the following products:

  • Laundry liquid
  • Fabric conditioniner
  • Washing up liquid
  • Liquid hand soap.

Please bring in any plastic bottle and we will refill it, saving your plastic waste and the environment.

Opening times - Monday - Friday


We can all help to improve and change the effects on our environment!